Why Ramp

Ramp is a fast growing UK SaaS startup, with founders who have successfully exited businesses in the past and worked on some of the worlds biggest brands, including Candy Crush, PokemonGO, Curve, Monzo to name a few.

Traditional revenue forecasting for businesses is broken. Ramp was built out of a pure frustration of using spreadsheets to manually forecast our businesses.

Ramp is a SaaS platform that predicts the revenue of B2C companies, giving them the ability to plan better and make decisions in real-time

Your Role

The Frontend Software Engineer is primarily responsible for the website that interacts with the Ramp platform. They are tasked with collaborating with the backend engineers in making client features a reality. They keep a lookout for ways to improve the user experience while also crafting code that is maintainable, easily readable and subject to good coding principles.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Implement client features in Angular
  • Architect solutions & scope out tasks
  • Include sufficient code test coverage
  • Give timely and honest feedback in weekly 1-on-1 meetings

Qualifications & Experience

  • Computer Science or Information Systems degree/diploma or 4+ years equivalent experience
  • At least 1 major Angular project
  • General UX/UI know-how

Skills & Characteristics

  • A keen learner with a desire to grow your skills
  • Logical with a passion for solving problems
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to remain self-motivated
  • Able to manage pressure and meet deadlines on time
  • Able to eliminate ambiguity, thus clarifying problems and expectations
  • Ability to create structure and order

What you’ll receive

  • Competitive salary
  • Employee Share Scheme
  • Work from home perks
  • Opportunity to work on the latest technologies
  • A fun, engaging work environment with some of the best minds in the business